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Illinois State Council Forms

Forms Information

Downloadable Forms are in .pdf format. You can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking here

Supreme Council Forms

Forms isued by the Supreme Council can be downloaded by clicking here



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Forms are being moved to be included with each program or activity. Please check the program or activity page for those forms.


N/A Membership Planning Form - SAMPLE Word PDF  
Weekly DD's Weekly BLITZ Report Word  
Weekly GK's Weekly BLITZ Report Word  


IL-SP7 form is on the Programs Page

  All Forms For Programming Moved to Programs Page
As necessary Blood Donor Form    
N/A Council Tri-Fold   PDF  
Monthly Family of the Month   PDF  
N/A Family of the Year Guidelines   PDF  
3/31 Family of the Year    
  Holy Hour of Prayer Report Form    
  World Day Of Prayer For Peace Materials Order   PDF  
Monthly Knight of the Month (also Knight of the Year Application)    
4/15 State Public Relations Contest - Checklist & Submission Word PDF  
  Soccer Challenge Kit Order Form   PDF  
  Soccer Insurance Application Word    
N/A Service Program of the Year Submission Guidelines   PDF  
4/30 Service Program Award Form    
 12/29 Spelling Bee Order Kit    
As necessary Council Right to Life Chaircouple Form   PDF  




  All Forms For Newman Moved Here

Intellectual Disabilities

  All Forms For Intellectual Disabilities Moved Here


Print as needed Vocations Raffle Transmittal Form Excel PDF  

General Assistance

As necessary General Assistance Fund Request Form Word PDF  

Special Olympics

  Supreme #4584 Special Olympics Partnership Profile Report Form    


Monthly District Deputy/Diocesan Monthly Progress Report  Excel    
As necessary PTAX 765 Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze   PDF  
9/1 State Directory:DIR1 For Reporting Council, GK, FS Information
9/1 State Directory:DIR1 For Reporting Assembly, FN, Comptroller Information      
9/1 State Directory:DIR1 For Reporting Ladies Auxiliary Information
9/1 State Directory: For Reporting State Family (Officer, Director, DD, Chairmen) Information      
As necessary In Memoriam    
As necessary Expense Form - updated 11/15 Excel PDF  
As necessary District Deputy Informational Flyer (What you need-Where you'll get it)    PDF  
As necessary Council Profile Word    


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