According to the By-laws of Illinois State Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc. the Charity Year runs from July 1 - June 30.

To qualify for awards for the 2022-23 Fraternal Year, Charitable Goals must be met by March 31, 2023.

Charity Online Fundraising Pages

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American Wheelchair Mission

American Wheelchair Mission
505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E 602
Henderson, Nevada 89052
Tel: 702 580 0705
Fax: 702 580 5668


Matt Piescinski- Charities Director

Charity Goals for 2022-23

  • Newman Apostolate Program - $5.00 per active member

  • Intellectual Disabilities Drive - Average of last 5 years, drop the High and Low, Add 2%

  • Vocations Support - $2.50 per active member

  • Pro-Life Charity - $1.10 per active member

  • General Assistance Fund - $1.10 per active member

• Charity Star Recognition Program

• Council Charity Ambassador Selection Form

• Charity Planning for the Fraternal Year

This Charity Planning Calendar will help you plan Charitable activities all through the fraternal year.

Is your Council a Charity Star?

We would like to recognize you and your Council for being a Charity Star this fraternal year!!!

Here is all you need to do:

Assign a Council Charity Ambassador (Use the online form at, on the Main Charity Page) Charity Ambassador must be registered no later than December 31, 2020 to qualify.

A. Meet a Minimum of 3 of your Charity Goals (Newman, ID, General Assistance, Pro- Life and Vocations).

  • Doing this will earn the Council 2 Charity Star Pins, one for the Grand Knight, and the 2nd for the Council Charity Director or Member the Grand Knight Chooses.

B. Meet 4 of your Council Charity Goals

  • The Council will earn the Council 3 Charity Star Pins for distribution at the Grand Knights Discretion.

C. Meet all 5 of your Council Charity Goals

  • The Council will earn 5 Charity Star Pins for distribution at the Grand Knights Discretion.

  • Councils must also be at least net 1 Positive in Membership, Safe Environment Compliant, and have submitted all their forms to be considered for any Award.

The Charity year, is May 1 - April 30 each year. monies must be received at the State Office by April 30 to be considered for an award. All qualifying councils will have pins awarded at the 2021 State Convention.

D. District Deputies with 3 or more Councils earning Charity Star Status

  • Receive a Charity Star Pin.

Charity Report Excel Spreadsheet as of January 1, 2023