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John Lough - Program Director

Program Roadmaps to Success:

2021 Programming Packet

Council Programming Action Items = Action Item Check list rev 7 2019.pdf

Illinois in Action - IL-SP7 form - Revised for 2020-21 Fraternal Year.

Supreme-SP7 form - Fill out your SP7 Columbian Award form using this link for the online form.

Faith in Action Website - Supreme Website

Faith in Action Guidebook

Never Easier to Obtain a Star!

Need a little help with your A-I goal this year? Your General Agent or Field Agent can help.

By hosting a Fraternal Benefit Night, members will learn the advantages of the Order's many financial programs. Contact your Agent today!

We have created a fillable PDF flyer that can be used to help plan and promote your event. Click here to download.

Safe Environment

  • Illinois Star Tracker – = Supreme Ralph Rossi’s report not sure if he sends to you directly or I /Mike forward to you to update every 2 weeks

  • Safe Environment FAQs = Safe Environment Key Action Items.pdf

  • Safe Environment Website - Supreme Website =

  • Safe Environment Program Information Guide = safe-environment-program-information-guide.pdf

2019 – 2020 State Program Contest Membership Informational Table Incentive

  • Membership Informational Table Incentive Instructions = informational table rev 7 2019.pdf

Program Forms

  • Service Program Personnel Report (Supreme Form 365) = service_personnel365_p.pdf

  • State Council Service Program Entry Form - Use this form to submit a Program of the Month Application in each of the Program Areas. Complete the form and mail or email to

  • Fraternal Programs Report (Supreme Form 10784) = 10784-fraternal-programs-report-form.pdf

  • Family of the Month Entry (Supreme Form 10669) = 10668-family-of-the-month-form.pdf

Knights in Action - September

Faith in Action FAQ.pdf