State Council Forms

Most forms are submitted online directly to the State Office and appropriate chairmen. There is always an opportunity to add an email address so that a copy can be delivered to you as well. Downloadable Forms are in .pdf format. You can download Adobe Reader for free

Supreme Council Forms

The 10784 is the form to report all programming activity.  Begin your report by clicking hereThese forms will NOT be automatically sent to the State Office so please make sure to submit copies to your District Deputy and the State Office.

State Forms



Annually before September 1

As necessary

In Memoriam

Expense Form - updated 07/22     Excel           PDF
The Mileage reimbursement of $0.40 per mile sunset on 6/30/23.  The mileage rate for the Fraternal Year 23/24 os $0.30 per mile.
(For State Chairmen Only - DDs use the form located here)

PTAX 765 Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze     PDF