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The Knights of Columbus Father John J. Dussman Council #3731 has completed fundraising to purchase one of three Ultrasound Machines for the Women’s Care Center, a new Pregnancy Center located at 1212 N. LaSalle in Chicago. The Council was extended an invitation to a Preview Party entitled “Share The Vision,” at this new facility on September 24th.

In the photo are State Life Director, Ty Simmons and his spouse, Jane; Women’ s Care Center President, Ann Manion; representing Father John J. Dussman Council #3731, DGK William Cook and his spouse, Carol; Council Advocate Edward G. Willer, joined by Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic.

Save the Date for these upcoming Pro-Life Events

Knights on Bridges for Life

Here are the documents to help you start planning your Knights on Bridges for Life events in October 2023.  

Dear Brother Knights, Ladies, families and Right to Life Friends:

After nearly 50 years, the terrible decision of Roe is overturned.

THANKS to each of you for your dedicated efforts of time spent in prayer, visible actions, financial support, and the many other sacrifices made for families and preborn lives that are now saved from the brutality of abortion. Now countless men and women can be spared from a lifetime of heartbreak and regret.


While we celebrate this historic decision by the Supreme Court, we must remember that our work is just beginning here in Illinois. Now, it's time for us to come together - knowing that Illinois will likely not be among the 26 states certain or likely to ban abortions. The highest courts in Illinois have recognized the right to an abortion under the state constitution, ensuring abortion access will remain protected following the decision from the Supreme Court.


The battlefield has now shifted from the highest court in Washington, D.C. to our state capitol in Springfield, and if we want to see laws that reflect biblical truth and respect every individual’s God-given right to life, we must act like millions of unborn children’s lives depend on it. And, they do!

As Brother Knights and Pro-life Americans, we will face these challenges in our communities and it will require a renewed state-wide commitment to a culture of LIFE in support of mothers and children, from conception to natural death.

If we expect to have change, we must stand together with other pro-life organizations to institute laws to bring about that change. We will need to educate our citizens and visitors to Illinois and proactively let our voices be heard.

Illinois Knights will be participating in the Knights on Bridges for Life statewide campaign on October 13-15 & 20-22, 2023. I prayerfully ask all councils and members to pick up a banner for LIFE to educate and gain public support. The documents needed for the fall campaign are included here. Please order your banners today and start your planning now to participate on one or all the days.

As Knights, we are all on the journey of a lifetime together, as role models in a world that needs men who lead, serve, protect and defend LIFE. We can make a difference and we MUST make Illinois pro-life again. It all starts with YOU as the key to winning Illinois for LIFE.

With prayers and best wishes for all that you do for LIFE.

Ty & Jane Simmons

Illinois State Council,

Right to Life Chairman

Right to Life Chair Couple

March 2023 dedication of an Ultrasound machine to Family Life Center, Effingham, from Council #665, Effingham. The council raised $13,675. and with matching funds from Supreme were able to provide the new ultrasound donation.



Students for Life joined forces with Charlotte Pence Bond and Heartbeat International to create an engaging and informational Docu-Series about Chemical Abortion.  Watch the videos below to learn more about this dangerous new frontier for the abortion industry. THEN  TELL THE FDA TO HELP STOP THE DANGEROUS DISTRIBUTION OF CHEMICAL ABORTION PILLS ONLINE!  TAKE ACTION NOW GO TO: