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Ty Simmons, Chairman
Ty & Jane Simmons, State Chaircouple
Larry Theriault, Chair Emeritus

Knights on Bridges for Life

Here are the documents to help you start planning your Knights on Bridges for Life events. - a link to purchase this flag and similar bumper stickers.

ASAP - Aid and Support After Pregnancy

The Order is more than halfway to reaching its $5 million goal for ASAP this fraternal year! Encourage councils to find resources and submit their applications by visiting

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From The Chaircouple

Dear Brother Knights, Ladies, Families, and Right to Life Friends:


The Knights of Columbus vigorously defend the dignity of each human being at every stage of life. No matter what stage you are in your life, we are all on a journey together. Our goal is to help men, their families, and their parishes grow closer to Christ. Through our programs and resources, we provide opportunities to build a culture of Life in your homes, councils, community, and parish, as an effective way to evangelize our Catholic faith.  Join us as role models in a world that needs men who lead, serve, protect, and defend.

LIFE activities represent one of the four components comprising our Order’s Faith in Action programming focus.

Examples of Life Activities:

Christian Refuge Relief: The Knights of Columbus has responded to the needs of Christians at risk with the Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance, primarily in Iraq, Syria and the surrounding region. 

March for Life (Featured): The Knights of Columbus encourages others to choose life through public support of the pro-life cause. 

Mass for those with Special Needs: Celebrating a Mass for People with Special Needs can be the first of many steps toward integrating them into regular weekly or even daily Mass – and more deeply into all the sacraments and other aspects of parish life.

Novena for Life (Required): The protection of life is a sustained prayer intention of the Church, and of the Knights of Columbus.

Pregnancy Center Support: ASAP, with aid from the Knights, pregnancy centers can offer support to help women choose life. 

Silver Rose: Every stop the Silver Rose makes throughout the pilgrimage is a rosary-centered occasion for Knights, parishioners and community members to pray for respect for life.

Special Olympics (Featured): - The Knights of Columbus has a unique partnership with the Special Olympics and has helped disabled athletes train for and compete in games around the world.

Ultra Sound (Featured): The Knights of Columbus works together as an organization to purchase ultrasound machines for qualifying pregnancy centers.

Knights on Bridges for Life: Displaying pro-life banners on a busy highway overpass or roadway intersection is an effective way to reach tens of thousands of people with the pro-life message in a relatively short time with only a small group of volunteers.


What to Do Next:

·      Identify a council

·      Assign a chairman and co-chair

·      Review the examples of Life Activities

·      Select four activities ensuring that Novena for Life is one of them

·      Follow the Faith in Action Guidelines booklet for planning and implementation

Our Purpose:

Our strength is in unity of purpose and councils can work wonders; in fact, with its many programs, it can help change the community, town, city or neighborhood in which you live.

However, a successful Knights of Columbus program depends on Knights taking the initial idea, modifying it to suit local needs, then implementing the program to affirm your council’s commitment to our Order’s Faith in Action resolve to action for the Culture of Life.


Your Respect Life team is here to help!

Dioceses: Archdiocese Chicago, Joliet, & Rockford, please contact Joe Scherb –, 815-861-5210

Dioceses: Belleville, Peoria & Springfield, please contact Bill Sodan –, 561-880-1691


God bless you in all your efforts for LIFE!

Ty & Jane

Illinois State Council

Respect Life Chairman

Respect Life Couple

March 2023 dedication of an Ultrasound machine to Family Life Center, Effingham, from Council #665, Effingham. The council raised $13,675. and with matching funds from Supreme were able to provide the new ultrasound donation.

The Knights of Columbus Father John J. Dussman Council #3731 has completed fundraising to purchase one of three Ultrasound Machines for the Women’s Care Center, a new Pregnancy Center located at 1212 N. LaSalle in Chicago. The Council was extended an invitation to a Preview Party entitled “Share The Vision,” at this new facility on September 24th.

In the photo are State Life Director, Ty Simmons and his spouse, Jane; Women’ s Care Center President, Ann Manion; representing Father John J. Dussman Council #3731, DGK William Cook and his spouse, Carol; Council Advocate Edward G. Willer, joined by Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic.



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