Congratulations to the 2021 State Soccer Challenge Champions!


Age Rank Name City Council

9 First Theodore Luesse Edwardsville 13216

9 Second Westin Schwierjohn Albers 9768

9 Third Caleb Arwood Seneca 1574

10 First Ian Kocher Dundas 1352

10 Second Jack Oslanzi Marseilles 1574

10 Third Greyson Luketich Staunton 1143

11 First Matthew Kuban Braidwood 1574

11 Second Trigg Goestenkors Albers 9768

11 Third Asher Stewart Charleston 4024

12 First Jude Luesse Edwardsville 1143

12 Second Mason Vasil Braidwood 1574

12 Third Grady Tebbe Bartelso 4745

13 First Wasani Lewis Glen Carbon 13216

13 Second Kooper Tebbe Bartelso 4745


9 First Maya Rose Northlake 4456

9 Second Lauren French Olney 1352

10 First Serena Shapiro Edwardsville 13216

10 Second Ashlyn Tebbe Bartelso 4745

11 First Stella Garrett Edwardsville 13216

12 First Emma Hefferman Olney 1352

12 Second Harper Dettmers Glen Carbon 13216

13 First Sydney Barnes Fairview Heights 13216

13 Second Kelysse Weiler Claremong 1352

14 First Casey Stover Edwardsville 13216

The Soccer Challenge is open to boys and girls ages 9 -14

The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition designed for players to demonstrate the most basic soccer skill – the penalty kick. Open to all boys and girls in your community, ages 9-14, where each player will be allowed 15 shots at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal). Winners progress to the district, regional, state and international levels.

Make every effort to have your winners attend a Council, District, and Regional event if they qualify to move on. The reason for this is that if these portions of the scorecards are not completed, that child will have to complete all events not done should they win the State event.

Time Frame for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge


Youth activity director needs to appoint a chair

Order your soccer kit. Kit contents available on program guide sheets and can be ordered along with additional program material via Officers Online.


In early to mid-July, the chair needs to identify who in their community is in charge of recreational and/or club soccer for boys and girls ages 9-14 as of September 1st. Build a relationship with that person and devise a plan to get the information in the hands of the parents of those children. I would suggest you scan a flier for your contact and have them e-mail it to the parents.

By the 3rd week of August, the recreational and club schedules have been issued and fields assigned. Call your soccer contact and arrange a time and place to maximize the number of children that will be present. This may be while games are being played or during practice times, and you may have to offer 1 date for one age group and another for the rest. All you need is one goal and enough helpers to pull this off.

If you have access to your own field and goal, get the schedule and some advise as to when would be a good time.

Contact the local newspaper(s) and radio stations to place the Public Service Announcement at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Your soccer kit has the exact wording you will need.

Contact your District Deputy and have him order District medals and arrange for a Council to host the district event. Your DD should contact State first. If they do not have any, they should order them from Supreme.

Notify your District Deputy of what your plans are. He will arrange for a District event.

Late August - Early September

Host your Council K of C Soccer Challenge.

You will need one person at the registration table to help with the participants completing their scorecards, and to complete their participation certificate.

You will need 2 others with the goal. One to keep score and another to help spot how the child scores on each kick.

Contact the local newspaper(s) and radio stations to place the Public Service Announcement at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Your soccer kit has the exact wording you will need.

Notify the winners as to when and where the district competition will be held.

Use the Participation Report Form #4567 5/05 to notify Supreme, State and your DD about the results of your competition. It can be found on Forms page of the Supreme Website

Get the winner’s scorecards to your District Deputy or bring them to the event yourself.

Late September - Early October

District K of C Soccer Challenge (We need to verify the birthdates if not done earlier).

Get the winner’s scorecards to the regional host.

2nd to 4th Weekend in October

Regional K of C Soccer Challenge

Get the winner’s scorecards to the State host.

Normally the 2nd Saturday in November

State Finals – K of C Soccer Challenge

Contact Info

Roy Lorenz

cell: 779-537-1912

Soccer Chariman

Contest Forms & Info