Coats For Kids

A Higher Purpose

Councils across North America can purchase new winter coats at a discount to be distributed to the children in need in their local communities. A featured program, Coats for Kids counts for two credits toward the Columbian Award.


Provide warmth for children in need during cold winter months. The goal of the Coats for Kids program is to ensure that no child in North America goes without a coat during the winter season. Through the dedication of councils across the United States and Canada, hundreds of thousands of new winter coats have been distributed to children since program inception.

Coats for Kids is a featured program in Faith in Action.  It will earn you double activity credit towards the Columbian Award if you meet the qualifications.  

Worthy Grand Knight and District Deputy,


We shared with you earlier the 3 easy steps to a successful “Coats for Kids” program this year: PLAN, ORDER and DISTRIBUTE.  Hopefully during July and August, you “PLANNED” when and where you want to distribute the “Coats for Kids”.

As we said earlier, Now is the time to “ORDER” your coats.  There are 12 coats per case, of various sizes ($247.38 per case for Toddler, Child, Youth; and $304.24 Teen and Adult sizes, price includes shipping).  You need to place your order through; select “Coats for Kids” near the top selection list.  Select the products and quantity you want to order.  The coats will be mailed directly to your council or the address of your choice.


We have another option to help those councils that may not be able to afford purchasing one or more cases.  You can send whatever amount you can afford to:




PO BOX 309

PALOS HEIGHTS, IL 60463-0309


Make your check payable to: “Illinois State Council”, put “Coats for Kids” and the Council  number in the memo line on the check, let us know if you have a size or gender preference to be ordered and provide us with a contact person. We hope to get the Supreme Council to match our orders from the State Council.


We hope to get the orders from the State Council completed in October so that the coats arrive quickly and can be DISTRIBUTED in November.


Remember to promote the “Coats for Kids” event in your parish and community by bulletin announcements, pulpit announcements, posting on your council and parish website or through social media pages.


Marce Tebbe

Coats for Kids Chairman