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Founder's Award Requirement 2022-23

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Spring Fraternal Benefit Presentations

Spring financial webinars are quickly approaching. Help council reach its Founder’s Award goal by promoting participation in these valuable fraternal benefit events.

Promote the online seminar for your council (see complete list below) and share the NEW marketing materials to maximize your success. Those resources are found online in the Supply Store > Fraternal Benefit Events Resources.

Councils should:

The following webinars have been scheduled for the 2nd half of the Fraternal Year.  These seminars qualify councils for the Founder's Award. 

We strongly encourage all Knights of Columbus members, their families and friends to register for these events.


 Flyer Link Ed Slott “Retirement Savings and Distribution Planning”


 Flyer Link Jim Effner “The Importance of Whole Life as part of a Retirement Plan”


 Tom Hegna “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”


           Jim Effner “The Importance of Whole Life as part of a Retirement Plan”

Any questions regarding these events please contact your Assigned Field Agent or General Agent.

Fraternal Benefit Seminar Qualifications

As we continue to receive questions about what counts and what does not count regarding qualification for Fraternal Benefit Seminars, we want to reiterate that councils striving for the Founder’s Award must host (or co-host) two fraternal benefit seminars (in-person or virtual) per year. Each council must have a minimum of 7 members or member-eligible attendees at each seminar. Suggested methods of promotion include council email/social media, parish email/social media, pulpit announcement, bulletin notice, and personal outreach to prospects. Please work with the general agent(s) in your jurisdiction – and encourage councils to work with their field agent – to schedule and promote fraternal benefit seminars in your jurisdiction.

Fraternal Benefits Document Form

This form (11077) is for documenting your Council's participation in the Fraternal Benefits Seminars hosted by our Agents.  It must be filled out and sent to your General Agent in order to receive Founder's Award Credit.

Click here to download and open Form 11077

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