Intellectual Disabilities

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Share the link to your Council's page to as many people as you can. A graphic on the right side of your page will help you keep track of your progress towards the goal. If you need help, contact the State Office for assistance.

Fund Recipients

In order to be a reciepient of the funds generated by the Intellectual Disabilities Drive, Organizations must register with Illinois State Council Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc. and be recognized as a provider of qualified services for persons with intellectual disabilities. Please use the Fund Recipient Form to request approval of an organization to be eligible to receive ID funds.

Fund Recipient Application Form PDF

Listing of Approved Charities for Fund Distribution - Updated 1-26-21

Ed Feeney and Ted Glaser, Chairmen

The Intellectual Disabilities or "Tootsie Roll" Fund Drive is one of the most recognizable activities that the Knights of Columbus do. The funds generated from this drive are used to support local programs which help people with special learning and life needs.

The 52nd Annual Drive will be held:

September 16-17-18, 2022

Approved Alternate Dates
Sept. 2-4
Sept. 9-11
Sept. 23-25

Can't schedule those dates in your community?

You are allowed to set up a different date for your ID Drive. Be sure to let the State Office and Chairmen know your plans so that the appropriate insurance certificates can be issued for your event. Any other dates for Street Corner collections must be approved by the Charities Director.

ID Drive Logos

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Black And White Version

Download and use these logos for your ID Drive advertising.

Mission Statement

  • To aid and contribute, to organizations devoted to the care of individuals and particularly those inflicted with one or more forms of Intellectual disability

  • To aid and contribute to the creation, maintenance and development of hospital, scientific, religious, educational and charitable activities and projects

  • To do and perform any and all such objects, either alone or in cooperation with charitable, educational, scientific and religious societies or organizations

  • To receive gifts, legacies, grants and donations from any reputable source

  • To make gifts or donations to carry out the objectives and purposes of the Corporation to 501C3 organizations

  • To manage and distribute funds for operating programs as identified herein, in the name of Illinois State Council K of C Charities, Inc. to various charitable causes

  • To promote charitable activities sponsored by the Illinois State Council Knights of Columbus and its subordinate councils

  • To foster the principle of charity within the Illinois jurisdiction and in states where Illinois residents are welcomed.

  • To grant interest free home loans to state approved organizations that provide housing for the intellectually disabled.

Other Opportunities

Check here for other opportunities to Support our ID Efforts and Special Olympics.

Collect on a Downtown Chicago Corner Flyer


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