Keep Christ in Christmas


Through the years, the religious significance of Christmas has been replaced by ever-growing commercialism and phrases such as "Season’s Greetings", "Merry Xmas" and "Santa’s Day." We, as Catholic gentlemen and an organization that actively promotes our faith, can sponsor a program to instill the true reason for the season. This progam is fun for our youth and easy to conduct.

Fun because of the opportunity to witness the creativity and optimism of the young people in your community.

Easy because you can tap into existing structures like schools, CYO's, Squires circles, etc., to do a lot of preliminary work. It can also provide excellent local, and potentially international, publicity for the council.

Timeline for 2022-23

  • Council judging by December 31stwith delivery to your District Deputy

  • District Deputy judging before your Chapters January meeting

  • Chapter judging by January 31st with delivery to the State Chair

2021-2022 State Winning Entries