Online Membership


We Had A New Member Sign Up Online - Now What?

Online Membership Basics

1) Online members are not degree'd members


2) Online members are not yet part of any council

Step One: Have them take a degree


A) Councils hold a degree - live or virtual - using a team or the video

  • The video on Officers Online is downloadable to a laptop so you don't need an internet connection to host the degree but it can be streamed as well.


B) Use the "On Demand Degree" see flyer on the right

  • invite has a hotlink straight to the online degree

  • this flyer can be emailed to online members wanting to join a council or emailed to prospects as part of a church drive or even emailed to 1st degree member wanting to advance to the 3rd degree

  • The State Membership Director and the State Deputy get notified when they have logged in and completed the degree - the FS gets emailed as well.

Step Two: File a Form 100


A) Submit the paper form 100

  • This can be scanned and emailed to

  • personally - I just take a high quality picture with my phone and email straight from my phone

  • If the FS snail mails in the form 100 - It could take weeks to get processed due to the Covid procedures currently in place at Supreme - please try to avoid this


B) Use the new "electronic form 100"

  • This is new and only the FS as access to this tab in Officers Online

  • Looks like this:

  • When the FS clicks the add button - they will see this form:

They complete the form and the FS will see an update with the membership number in a few days on their roster.

As we move to a more virtual/electronic world, FSs may need help adapting and understanding the new methods. As leaders, our job is to educate and elevate those in our charge.

On Demand Degree.pdf