Knight of Month

Knight of the Month Chairman

Matt Piescinski

January Knight of the Month - Gary A. Ludwig, Council 11100

He has taken care of our Council's Free Throw Shooting Contest for the past 10 years, for the first years he had it on Sunday, then he move to having the contest during the school day, were he could get the students to patriciate, with the partition of the principal, witch brought numbers up, so we could send contestants to the district. the first years that he was in charge he got trophies then for the last three years he got K of C Basketballs. He ordered the paper work and filled it. He makes sure that the parents know when the District contest is, so that our council is well represented. He goes to the district to help out and to bring the paper work so no forms are lost. This year there was 91 patriciates in our contest.

December Knight of the Month - Jason E. Tornero, Council 735

Brother Jason was part of a discussion to take our banner to be put in a frame. This banner is over 100 years old. when taken to be cleaners we were told that because of its age that it would be destroyed in the process. Brother Jason took significant time to research getting the banner mounted and framed with the dated framing, To all members including our Parish Priest Rev Brian A. Geary it looks amazing.

November Knight of the Month - Larry White, Council 8699

Larry is very active in our council and is a past Grand Knight. He has been our chair person for recruiting for many years. We had a very successful recruitment in November with 8 names of candidates which are coming in the future to receive the Admission Degree. Larry was present at all the masses for our recruitment weekend. He plays a large part in organizing and in the operation of our pancake breakfasts. He also play the role of the Grand Knight during our Admission Degree Ceremonies and is exceptional speaker.

October Knight of the Month - Br. Felix Martinez, Council 14825

Felix participates in many events and has served as an officer in St Rita of Cascia Council. That is not what separated Felix as an exemplary Brother Knight: after Felix retired he became the unpaid handyman for St Rita's Church and School. He lead the effort to update the Parish Hall replacing the ceiling and the paneling, he assisted updating the parish center and the Rectory.

While his commitment to the parish singles him out as an exemplary Brother Knight, this month his service to the council shined in our moment of need. We held a Knighthood Degree and he helped beforehand to insure that the elevator from the basement Parish Hall was working. Alas, it failed at the end of the day, trapping a brother knight. When called, Felix responded quickly to repair and remove the trapped Knight......

That Knight was none other than the recently retired Deputy Supreme Knight, Dr. Logan Ludwig.

September Knight of the Month - Greg Koester, Council 665

Greg coordinated two of Council 665's biggest events which both fell in September. He was very involved in both the Tootsie Roll Drive and the Family Picnic.

While there was a committee of Brother Knights, including Greg, that were in charge of the Tootsie Roll Drive, Greg was the coordinator. He got the committee members together, he ordered the tootsie rolls and other supplies. He also made all of the food to feed the volunteers.

As for the Family Picnic, for the second year there was no committee taking care of the event, just Greg. He made sure all of the food and drinks were on hand and there were people to prepare it. He took care of getting prizes to give away to a lucky young lady and young man. He had some student volunteers to provide face painting and he had a kiddie tractor pull group on hand to entertain both the kids and the adults.

Honestly, Greg could be nominated every month. We thought this month he was most deserving.

August Knight of the Month - Alex Reichmann, Council 13840

Brother Riechmann has contributed tirelessly maintaining and improving our Fry shed and our many fryers. He worked long hours at our 4th of July food stand, as well as set-up and tear down. He worked shifts at the Monroe County Fair where the council get money for. He was our first Grand Knight when the council stood up. He has organized new events such as Waterloo homecoming stand. He has helped over the years at our stand at the Maeystown Oktoberfest. He attends the majority of our meetings, and he attends Mass regularly.

July Knight of the Month - Frank Esposito, Council 12801

This Knight’s response to a request for help is almost always, “When is it / Where is it / I’ll be there”. He has several soft spots, among them the Special Olympics and Respect Life in particular. He is active in the parish serving as a minister of communion and various other capacities. Despite personal issues and illness, he successfully led our council as Grand Knight for the past 2 fiscal years. Through his leadership, we had record years of service hours and charitable donations.