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From State Deputy, Frank Schwartz re:COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Brother Knights and Families All,

After a great deal of prayerful consideration, I wanted to offer you a couple thoughts and ideas. Let me start with the (3) thoughts one might have after listening to the news. Faith, Fact and Fear you guessed it all related to the COVID-19 virus. In today's world this virus is on every radio channel, and every News station on TV and there is a story they report on. So, let’s try to break it down you and I:

  1. Faith: in time like these we must learn to pray often. To help you, below you will find a prayer to Mary Our Lady of Health. However, we must also turn to the bible and the teachings contained therein, the bible will tell us not only the history of events like this, but how God will guide us through this event with His love of each of us here on earth. God is the only one who that can give or take life, he rules over all of His creation and He is a Merciful God so try not to fear in that love.
  2. Fact: The fact is the virus is in our country and is affecting our daily lives both at our retailers and also in our day to day financial wellbeing. The facts continue to spread panic, which will breed hoarding, and can bring out the worst in all of us if we let it.
  3. Fear: The bible repeatedly states (i.e. the word of God according to the Holy Spirit.) “ Be not Afraid for I AM always with you.” If God is with us what do, we have to fear

So, all of us are dealing with church closings, cancellations of events both in our private lives and in our spiritual lives. Therefore, now more than ever, we must stop, slow down, and listen to God taking time to pray, and to hear his words. How do we do that during this event - let’s remember our Lord Jesus in the Garden when if fear he sweat blood, but then stated, “Not my will but Your will be done.” As a God Man, He felt what we feel and feared what we feel. The difference is He stated, “not my will but let your will be done.”

During this time, He took time to remember you and I by giving us His Body and Blood, so we could remember His love in each of us. Jesus suffered the crucifixion to include his scourging where He paid for all our sins.

Currently, I ask you slow down and pray that He remembers that love this Lenten season.

I thought I would share with you some good news as I have called several Grand Knights during this pandemic. Councils around the state are stepping up as it relates to local food pantries donating more than 1.7 million tons of food. In their donation (2) councils worked with a Walmart to ensure they would be able to get paper products donated as well. Other councils are delivering the food baskets to those in need. Yet even other councils are doing blood drives and working at their local parishes. So many councils are reaching out, helping out and stepping up in their communities.

The prayer below is yours to share. God Bless each of you and remember pray often.

Our Lady, Health of the Sick,

I look to you for the comfort of a mother's love,

I pray to you on behalf of those who are suffering

and for my own healing needs.

Mary, your love strengthens me

and brings me peace.

Our Lady, Health of the Sick,

embrace all who are emotionally and physically ill that they may return to

good health under your tender care. And please intercede for my very

special needs. (mention your needs here).

Mary, your love strengthens me and brings me peace.

** say your intention here***

Our Lady, Health of the Sick, pray for us. Amen.

122nd State Convention May 22-24, 2020

So, after a great deal of prayer, it is with a great deal of FAITH that I am announcing that the Face to Face State Convention of 2020 at the Westin Hotel in Lombard is cancelled and a Virtual State Convention for that weekend will be how we will do the State Organization Meeting this Year. How exactly and in what format that will be done is still in process and updates will be issued as I see which platform we can use and how voting will and can be conducted. Let me say that again “Yes, there will be a State Convention and it will be a virtual one. As your safety and health is our first concern.” No large group gathering, no travel, but also none of the fun we all have when we gather. So now what?

1. State office is still in need of your Delegate and Grand Knight Cards/forms

2. Yes, there will be a virtual caucus where each diocese will still elect delegates and alternates to the Supreme Convention. Belleville will have one delegate, Chicago will have two delegates, Joliet will have one delegate, Peoria will have one delegate, Rockford will have one delegate and finally Springfield will have two delegates. I will be sending the procedure for that with the help of our State Secretary soon.

3. Voting on the Resolutions and the State Officers will also be done and that process is being worked on by Supreme who I am in contact with almost daily

4. There will be awards given out which will be mailed or hand delivered.

5. Finally, we will offer a State Challenge coin to commemorate the event sold online for a cost of $18.00

Obviously, there are many things that need to be worked out still so the above is a broad stroke look while we work out the final details. I wanted to get this information into your hands as soon as I could as I know there are many concerns and questions as to if we are holding a State Convention. So the answer to that question is “yes” but via a web-based system. Oh, one more thing it will still be held on Memorial Weekend but just for one day, on Saturday May 23, 2020.

Welcome New Councils

  • Council 17359 St Alexis inBensenville
  • Council 17360 St Gall in Elburn
  • Council 17403 is St Bede inChicago
  • Council 17433 St. Stanislaus in Posen
  • Council 17439 St. Aloysius Gonzaga in the Wicker Park (Chicago)
  • Council 17474 St. Joseph in Addison

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  • There is $7000 up for grabs in incentive money this month!
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  • Faith in Action Replaces Surge With Service as Supreme Council Progamming Model
  • A new programming model is being launched by the Supreme Council for the 2018-19 Fraternal Year. The new model reduces the number of programming areas and redistributes the most successful programs into new areasa of concentration. You can learn more by clicking here to download a flyer of frequently asked questions

Building the Domestic Church

  • Through the Orderwide Building the Domestic Church initiative, Knights and their families have greater opportunities to participate in a variety of activities that promote the New Evangelization, strengthen our parishes and grow the Order. Knights of Columbus has always been an organization dedicated to the well-being and support of Catholic family life. The family is the first and primary place where we experience and are formed in our Catholic faith. By building upon our current programs and activities, the Knights of Columbus continues to promote the family as a ”domestic church” where husbands and wives, parent and children, grow in their knowledge and practice of the Catholic Faith. In order to perform its important mission of evangelization, each family needs to find support in the sacramental life of the parish.
  • Find the State program activities under Church link or click here.
  • More information can also be found on the Supreme Council Website by clicking here.